AVA Microfiber Cloth (Price Excl. VAT)

AVA Microfiber Cloth (Price Excl. VAT)
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Product description

AVA Microfiber Cloths have been specifically hand crafted to our own unique design, specifications and are the only choice for detailers, professionals and enthusiasts. With unrivaled commercially proven, high performance rapid action enhanced polishing and buffing capabilities our industry leading cloths produce the ultimate showroom finish on all paintwork, glass, mirrors, chrome, alloy, gel coats, leather and plastic trim surfaces.

An extremely soft and durable lint free quality microfiber cloth that has been specially blended from polyester and polyamide to give an instant smear free finish, providing superior long lasting durability that caters for every valeting requirement, in delivering ultra absorbent performance, ensures they can be used on wet or dry surfaces.

  • Polish, Buff, Clean and Shine
  • Outstanding professional and commercial capabilities for detailing cars, motorcycles, caravans, boats and aircraft
  • Superior versatility perfect for dry detailing and polishing and simply dampen for those tough clean up jobs
  • Absorbs higher amounts of water with a thicker and softer weave than normal microfiber cloths and towels
  • Revolutionary radial edges deliver first class streak free, lint free performance and removes excess wax without scratching
  • Excellent for trapping dust, cleans whilst it dries the surface and polishes to a high gloss shine
  • Totally machine washable cloths that can be reused time and time again (Simply wash on low heat and do not add softener).
  • Specifically produced to work in complete harmony with our industry leading AVA auto care solutions, paint rectification and protection products.

Supplied in two vibrant colours, superior tight weave, double stitching and containing over 90,000 fibres per square inch, this unique radial-edged 40 x 40 cm, 380 GSM microfibre cloth effortlessly cleans, polishes, shines, retains dirt and grime, whilst providing an unrivalled all round performance.

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