AVA T-Compound Polish

New AVA T-Compound Polish
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Product description

AVA Tornado has latest cutting edge technology to enable the user to achieve unique cutting action through choice of foam or lambs wool pad, where increased scratch removal is required.

T-Compound deliversenhanced cutting action with no drying out to produce an outstanding depth of gloss finish. Specially formulated containing no silicones or ammonia, T-Compound is completely body shop safe.

Directions : Shake well before use.

Apply T-compoundin small quantities to paint surface. 

Machine speed approdmately 1500-RPM free running.

Worl the surface applying minimum pressure until scratches and imperfections are removed.

Reduce pressure as mop starts to move freely to allow polishing action.

Remove any residue with microfiber cloth.

Choice of pad:

Standart Lambs wool for maximum cut.

Foam for cut and finish.

Observe the general safety regulations when handing chemicals. Keep out of mach of children..

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