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Other Car Care

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AVA Glass Pro (Price Excl. VAT)

Glass PRO is long lasting hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating for glass, which lasts up to 3 times l..


AVA Leather Cream (Price Excl. VAT)

AVA Leather Cream is a remarkable nourishing and protecting cream that provides exceptional pro..


AVA Leather Protection (Price Excl. VAT)

AVA Leather Protectant is an advanced liquid, dirt and stain repelling formulation that incorporates..


AVA Long Life Paint Protection (UV SCREEN)

Forms a transparent and virtually impenetrable glass-like protective barrier for all modern paint fi..


AVA Microfiber Cloth (Price Excl. VAT)

AVA Microfiber Cloths have been specifically hand crafted to our own unique design, specifications a..


AVA Nano Polish (Price Excl. VAT)

AVA Nano Polish is a superior high performance gloss emulsion polish with the latest Nano technology..


AVA Shine Nano Shampoo (Price Excl. VAT)

AVA Shine Nano Shampoo is a uniquely blended formula containing nano-particles, special mild cleanin..


AVA T-Compound Polish

AVA Tornado has latest cutting edge technology to enable the user to achieve unique cutting action t..


AVA Universal Polish (Price Excl. VAT)

AVA Universal Polish is a unique medium duty car body polishing and cleaning compound formulated to ..


Nano Leather Shield (Price Excl. VAT)

Nano coating for leather, is designed to protect surface, refresh color, soften skin, present  ..