AVA Long Life Paint Protection (UV SCREEN)

AVA Long Life Paint Protection (UV SCREEN)
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  • Product Code: A-LLPP-200
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Product description

Forms a transparent and virtually impenetrable glass-like protective barrier for all modern paint finishes against weather induced fading, acid rain damage, oxidization and loss of gloss.

DIRECTIONS : Shake well before use. 

1.  Apply using a soft clean polishing cloth section by section

2.  Allow paint surface to haze

3.  Buff to a deep shine with a clean dry microfibre cloth

4.  Do not allow treated paintwork to come into contact with rain for 4 hrs after polishing. (In hot dry climates reduced to 1 hr)

5.  For maximum efliciency allow to fully cure and completely bond to treated paintwork. 

( Do not wash the vehicle for 1 week after application)


Do not apply in direct sunlight and ensure prie – treated paintwork is cool, clean and dry prior to sealant application.