How to use waterless car wash

People from around the world ask us how to use our waterless car wash products.

Using waterless car wash is a very easy and simple thing to do. Have you ever wanted to clean your car at the park or the beach? What about cleaning your vehicle in the middle of a harsh winter? It is easy to do with AVA products.

The AVA Clean + Wax is a very safe a effective car cleaning product that allows you to spray on, rub and gently wipe off before it dries. You can use it in the sun, the shade and even on a wet car, but works best in the shade an on a dry car. Cleaning the windows is easy too. Just take the damp microfiber towel and spritz 1-2 squirts of the product onto the folded, damp microfibre cloth and gently wipe it on the window. Buff off before it dries. The protection from the elements and the shine will last for many weeks or months.

If you have bird droppings or any other heavily soiled items on your paint, you may want to clean it with a high pressure water, or use the AVA Waterless Car Wash products, but use it carefully. Try praying it on and letting it sit for 1 minute, then gently lifting it off with a microfibre cloth. Once the dirt is removed, continue to clean the car with the AVA products without a problem.

All You Need is 2 microfibre towels and a bottle of AVA Clean + Wax, and about 15-25 minutes of time to work on your car.

Here are the 5 steps to cleaning your car without soaps, buckets and all the mess those things create. No water will be wasted and your car will look amazing.

1. Spray onto the folded #1 damp microfibre cloth.

2. Spray onto the surface of the car. 1 meter x 1 meter or less of a working area is best.

3. Gently rub towel #1 onto the surface that you just sprayed it onto. The high-tech soaps, liquefying agents and dual wet surfaces act to reduce friction, dissolve the dirt on contact and soak up the liquefied dirt into the microfibre cloth. 

These soft, microfibre towels actually pull the liquefied dirt away from the surface and protects it from scratching. This is how and why we claim that a waterless car wash that is performed correctly is much safer and better for your car. It is actually a scientific, chemical process.

4. Quickly switch to a clean, dry #2 microfibre cloth and buff the remaining residue into a brilliant shine.

5. Repeat this process until the entire vehicle is clean and looking great!

You can wash the microfibre towels in the washing machine with traditional soap but do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener will make the towels smear on the window.